Dan Gatti

Dan GattiBioinformatics Analyst
Churchill Group, The Jackson Laboratory


The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor
Maine, 04609

Phone: 207-288-6715
Email: dan.gatti@jax.org

As a Bioinformatics Analyst, I provide statistical and computational support to the Center for Genome Dynamics and the Nathan Shock Aging Center. I have experience in the entire process of mouse research including experiment design, mouse handling, laboratory bench work, data analysis and publication.

Currently, I provide statistical support for the Aging Center, primarily in the form of QTL analysis of several crosses and strain surveys. In the Center for Genome Dynamics, we are constructing a Hidden Markov Model to genotype the Diversity Outcross mice. I will be studying the properties of the Diversity Outcross mice and will be the primary person involved in mapping traits for several projects. I am also interested in multi-strain gene expression studies and will be analyzing a data set that measured expression in multiple tissue across multiple strains.

Mapping Toxicity Traits Using the Diversity Outbred Mice (PDF 5.1 MB)

Daniel Gatti
Genetically Diverse Mouse Models Workshop, ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute, Washington, DC, November 28, 2012. Talk