Narayanan Raghupathy

MousePostdoctoral Associate
Churchill Group, The Jackson Laboratory


The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor
Maine, 04609

Phone: 207-288-6715

I am interested in developing statistical/computational approaches to utilize next generation/high-throughput genomic data and applying integrative genomic approaches to understand transcriptional regulation and molecular basis of complex traits.

I am currently working on understanding the role of Vitamin D diet on HDL cholesterol levels in a directional mouse cross study using RNA-Seq data. I will be using genome-wide methylation and metabolomic data to build system level models to understand the effect of Vitamin D on HDL cholesterol. I am also working with Elissa Chesler and Matt Hibbs on methodology development for better quantification of RNA-Seq data.

Allele specific gene expression in F1 mice from a reciprocal cross (PDF 0.9 MB)

Narayanan Raghupathy, Ron Korstenje, Karen Svenson, Fernando Pardo Manuel de Villena, and Gary Churchill
National Centers for Systems Biology Annual Meeting, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, July 19-20, 2012. Poster