Peter Vedell

Peter VedellFormer Postdoctoral Associate
Churchill Group, The Jackson Laboratory


Former Research Projects in The Churchill Group:

My primary research projects involve the design and analysis of expression microarray experiments to assess variation in transcript abundance within and between inbred mouse strains and tissues. Specifically, these experiments assess variation within and between inbred strains with distinct genetic backgrounds, and variation between tissues within strains. Part of this work involves investigation of relationships between patterns of transcript abundance variation and phenotypic patterns.

The Churchill lab and other labs have developed many methods for analyzing expression microarray data to enable robust statistical inferences from data with inherently complex covariance structure. In addition to understanding differences between methods and applying them appropriately, we look for modifications that will bypass some limitations of current methods. Our biological focus is bulk tissue samples from mammals and our methodological focus is variance estimation methods that combine information across multiple genes to provide more precise and effective test statistics.

Additionally, we also have an on-going project with a collaborator to study gene expression in the brain and blood of rats to further understanding of depression and response to treatment. My primary role in this project is the analysis of expression microarray data.


mRNA transcript abundance variation in C57BL/6 mice under normal conditions (PDF)
Peter Vedell, Jing Qiu, Shirng-Wern Tsaih, Qian Li, Xiangqin Cui, Gary A Churchill
7th Annual Meeting of the Complex Trait Consortium in Montreal Canada, May-June 2008. Talk

Online resources for study of high-scoring genes (PDF)
Peter Vedell
Short Course on Systems Genetics, The Jackson Laboratory, September 29, 2008. Talk