Hyuna Yang

MouseFormer Associate Research Scientist
Churchill Group, The Jackson Laboratory


The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor
Maine, 04609

Phone: 207-288-1281
Email: hyuna.yang@jax.org

I perform Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array development and analysis. Based on an ~8 million SNP database produced from various sources (NIEHS, JAX, Oxford, Merck, GNF) and assembled and cleaned by the Center for Genome Dynamics, we selected 623,124 SNPs in a way to capture the maximum genomic diversity, and manufactured the Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array. This chip also contains 916,269 invariant sequences which will be useful to study copy number variance and gene expression. The focus of this project is genotyping chips and studying intensity levels to answer biological questions.

I am also performing statistical method development and high throughput analysis including microarray, expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL), Bayesian haplotype association mapping.

On the subspecific orgin on the laboratory mouse (PDF)
Hyuna Yang, Timothy A Bell, Gary A Churchill & Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena.
7th Annual Meeting of the Complex Trait Consortium in Montreal Canada, May-June 2008. Poster