Gene expression analysis of B.A chromosome substitution strains


In the liver, two independent pools of samples from four or five animals were created for each of the 23 strains and both sexes. In order to validate results from the first sample collection, liver RNA samples were obtained from individual animals of strains B.A1, B.A6, and B.A15. Kidney RNA samples were collected from B.A and strains B.A1, B.A6, and B.A15 of both sexes and pooled in groups of four to five animals. For further details see Shockley and Churchill, 2006.


Shockley KR, Churchill GA.
Gene expression analysis of mouse chromosome substitution strains
Mamm Genome. 2006 Jun;17(6):598-614.


Notes describing the experiment and analysis: ReadMe_v1.txt

Data and scripts for original liver samples: original_liver_samples 

Data and scripts for all liver samples: all_liver_samples

Data and scripts for kidney samples: kidney_samples

Data and scripts for repeated liver samples: repeated_liver_samples

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