Diversity Outbred Genotype Data




Diversity Outbred mice have been genotyped on the Mouse Universal Genotyping Array (MUGA) and the MegaMUGA. The MUGA contains 7,854 markers with a mean spacing of 329 kB. The MegaMUGA contains 77,808 markers with a mean spacing of 33 Kb.



Raw Genotype Data

These directories contain the raw files produced by GeneSeek (Lincoln, NE).

MUGA files

MegaMUGA files

Array Intensities and Genotypes

The directories below contain the X and Y intensities and allele calls for the MUGA and MegaMUGA.



Reconstructed Genotypes

Each file is a binary Rdata file that contains a matrix of genotype probabilities produced by the hidden Markov model in DOQTL. Dimensions are number of markers (rows) by 36 genotypes (columns).

MUGA genome reconstructions

MegaMUGA genome reconstructions



Use of these data should cite the following references:

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Files marked "Chesler":

High-precision genetic mapping of behavioral traits in the diversity outbred mouse population.

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Files marked "CJB":

Precise genetic mapping and integrative bioinformatics in Diversity Outbred mice reveals Hydin as a novel pain gene.

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Diversity Outbred

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