Software to fit Hidden Markov Models

This software is used to fit Hidden Markov Models in Stochastic models for heterogeneous DNA sequences. Churchill GA. Bull Math Biol. 1989;51(1):79-94.

Programs are written in C with example input and output. The makefile is configured to compile "tssm" a general smoother and "tsem" maximum likelihood parameter estimation. For more details refer to Churchill 1989.

  • distsp.c
  • filter.c
  • gettsp.c
  • hsa.dna
  • hsa.emout
  • lambda.dna
  • loglik.c
  • m_tsem.c
  • m_tssm.c
  • makefile
  • smooth.c
  • stprob.c
  • subrs.c
  • tsdyn.h