Marker Regression Programs

These programs are based on marker regression and are designed for detecting covariate effects and interactions from inbred line cross data. Please refer to the paper by Sugiyama et. al. (2000) for details and an example. Please see the README file below for notes on how to use the programs.

All functions written in the MATLAB programming environment. All functions are self documenting. Type help functionname in MATLAB for help on functionname. Here is the list of files available for download.


  • covpairwise.m
  • covpermute.m
  • covscan.m
  • data_in.m
  • drawmainscan.m
  • drawpairscan.m
  • est_rec_fracs.m
  • impute.m
  • intplot.m
  • mainplot.m
  • mainscan.m
  • pairpermute.m
  • pairwise.m
  • plotrecfracs.m
  • refline.m
  • reportmain.m
  • reportpairs.m
  • script01.m