J/qtl - Screen Shots

Here are some screen shot of J/qtl software. Click the thumbnail to view the full size picture in a new window.

Main J/qtl Window
Main Window

Users will see this window right after starting J/qtl.

J/qtl Genome Plot Screenshot
Genotype Plot

Different color represents different genotypes. Clicking on a box you will see the detailed data on a pop up screen.

Display and Estimate Genetic Map Screenshot
Genetic Map Plot

Vertical lines represent the chromosomes. Horizontal bars represent the markers. You can compare the current genetic map to genetic maps estimated by several R/qtl algorithms.

One QTL Genome Plot Screenshot
One-QTL scan result plot

This is the LOD score curve for a one-QTL genome scan.

Two QTL Genome Scan Plot
Two-QTL scan result plot

This is the result for a Two-QTL genome scan. Hovering mouse over a point you will see an abstract of the results.

Two QTL Scan Results Screenshot
Two-QTL scan result summary

Given some thresholds, the result will be summarized in a table. Clicking a link of the QTL pairs (first column in the table) will pop up a window showing the effect plot. 

Fit QTL Editor Screenshot

The graphical formula editor makes it easy to create and evaluate a fit formula.