Current Version 1.16.0

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R/maanova is an extensible, interactive environment for Microarray analysis. It is implemented as an add-on package for the freely available and widely used statistical language/software R (see the R project homepage).

maanova stands for MicroArray ANalysis Of VAriance. It provides a complete work flow for microarray data analysis including:

  • Data quality checks and visualization
  • Data transformation
  • ANOVA model fitting for both fixed and mixed effects models
  • Statistical tests including permutation
  • Confidence interval with bootstrapping
  • Cluster analysis

R/maanova can be applied to any microarray data but it is specially tailored for multiple factor experimental designs. Mixed effects models are implemented to estimate variance components and perform F and t tests for differential expressions.

R/maanova is distributed as source code for Unix/Linux/Mac or compiled code for Windows. The software are well tested in Linux, Mac and Windows XP. You may encounter problems in other operating systems or other R versions.

For problems/questions/suggestions, please use our MAANOVA google group.

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