Dan Gatti

Research Scientist / Bioinformatics Analyst

Churchill Group, The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory 600 Main Street Bar Harbor Maine, 04609


Research Projects in The Churchill Lab:

As cancer treatment has increased survival, the management of toxic side effects caused by many chemotherapy drugs has become increasingly important.  My interest lies in using genetically diverse mouse models to study the genetic basis of chemotherapy induced toxicity.  Some of the questions of interest are:


  • What genes influence susceptibility to chemotherapy induced toxicity?
  • Are there shared mechanisms of toxicity between drugs with different modes of action?
  • Are there shared mechanisms of toxicity between drugs in the same class with similar modes of action?
  • How can we improve pre-clinical models to better predict which drugs will cause toxicities and to identify potential treatments?

As a Bioinformatics Analyst, I provide statistical and computational support to the Center for Genome Dynamics and the Nathan Shock Aging Center. I have experience in the entire process of mouse research including experiment design, mouse handling, laboratory bench work, data analysis and publication.



Mapping Toxicity Traits Using the Diversity Outbred Mice (PDF 5.1 MB)

Daniel Gatti Genetically Diverse Mouse Models Workshop, ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute, Washington, DC, November 28, 2012. Talk



In my spare time, I am dragged around the island by two rambunctious huskies, Storm (right) and his sister Sky (left).


Storm & Sky on Cadillac